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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS1.04 Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation (General Session)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Iorga, G.; Stefan, S.
Sensitivity of cloud albedo to aerosol concentration and spectral dispersion of cloud droplet size distribution

Wapler, K.; Mayer, B.
The Role of three-dimensional radiative Transfer on convective Cloud Formation

Brandau, C.; Russchenberg, H.W.J; Knap, W.
Evaluation of ground-based remotely sensed water cloud properties using aircraft in-situ measurements

Dufournet, Y.; Unal, C.M.H; Russchenberg, H.W.J
Towards the retrieval of ice crystals properties within mixed-phase clouds using dual polarization spectral radar measurements

Quaas, J.; Stevens, B.
Analysis of the relationship between cloud cover and aerosol concentration from MODIS satellite data and ERA-40 re-analyses

Kelektsoglou, K.; Kourtidis, K.
TOA radiative forcing from aerosols and total ozone over the Eastern Mediterranean

Davies, W.; North, P.; Grey, W.; Barnsley, M.
Improvements in AOD estimation using multi-angle CHRIS/PROBA images

Horvath, A; Soden, B
Influence of Saharan Air Layer on convective development: the Lagrangian approach

Su, H.; Jiang, J.; Huang, X.; Minschwaner, K.
The radiative impact of TTL cirrus clouds on troposphere-to-stratosphere transport

Heymsfield, A; Field, P; Rogers, D; Stith, J
Observations of ice production via heterogeneous nucleation in lenticular and layer clouds for temperatures from -7 to -34C

Jiang, J. ; Su, H.; Schoeberl, M.; Massie, S.; Colarco, P.; Platnick, S.
The aerosol impact on cirrus clouds and precipitation

Peters, K.; Quaas, J.
Satellite derived direct aerosol effect of aerosols above clouds

Fomin, B.
Revision of basic principles for parameterization of cloud/aerosol radiation in GCMs

Weber, T.; Quaas, J.
Evaluation of the subgrid-scale variability scheme for water vapor and cloud condensate in ECHAM5 using satellite data

Zieger, P.; Schmidhauser, R.; Kammermann, L.; Gysel, M. ; Weingartner, E.; Baltensperger, U.
Effects of relative humidity on aerosol light scattering

Govaerts, Y.M.; Wagner, S.
Definition of typical spherical and non-spherical aerosol classes from AERONET data for optical thickness retrieval from space observations

Wagner, S.; Govaerts, Y.; Lattanzio, A.; Watts, P.
Optimal Estimation and joint retrieval of aerosol load and surface reflectance using MSG/SEVIRI observations: comparison with AERONET and MODIS aerosol products

Stammes, P.; Wang, P.; Fournier, N.; van der A, R.
Trends in global cloud properties from satellite observations of the oxygen A-band

Slawinska, J.; Pawlowska, H.; Morrison, H.; Grabowski, W. W.
Impact of entrainment and mixing on trade-wind shallow convection: implications for indirect aerosol effects

Spichtinger, P.; Cziczo, D.
Impact of heterogeneous ice nuclei on homogeneous freezing events - size does matter

Tejfel, V.; Vdovichenko, V.; Kirienko, G.; Sinyaeva, N.; Karimov, A.; Kharitonova, G.
The Observations of Noctilucent Clouds over Western Syberia and Kazakhstan

Raschke, E.; Kinne, S.; Bakan, S.; Rossow, W.; Zhang, Y.-C.
The effect of ancillary data on components of the earth's radiation budget as computed from satellite measurements

Dorman, B.; Bakhanov, V.
Simulation of microphysical and optical characteristics of frontal ice clouds

Baumgardner, D.; Kok, G.L.; R. Subramanian, R.; Twohy, C.
Evidence for ice crystal scavenging of light absorbing carbon (LAC) particles

Stier, P.; Seinfeld, J.H.; Lohmann, U.; Quaas, J.
Quantification of uncertainties associated with indirect aerosol effect parameterizations of various complexities

Gehlot, S.; Quaas, J.
Evaluation of Diurnal Cycle of Convection in ECHAM5 General Circulation Model with Satellite Data

Devasthale, A.; Thomas, M. A.; Singh, R. P.; Krueger, O.; Grassl, H.
Monitoring dust outbreaks over ocean using MVIRI/METEOSAT visible images

Eliasson, S.; Buehler, S.; Milz, M.
A study on the ice water path descrepencies between global climate models

Weihs, P. ; Rieder, H.E; Blumthaler, M. ; Simic, S.; Schmalwieser, A. ; Tanskanen, A.; Kreuter, A.; Wagner, J.; Laube, W.
Measurements of UV irradiance within the area of one satellite pixel

Todua , M. ; Didebulidze, G. G.; Javakhishvili, G. Sh; Lomidze, L. N.; Pataraya, A.
Preliminary results on the tropospheric aerosol vertical distribution on the territory of Georgia

jumelet, j; bekki, s; david, c; keckhut, p
statistical estimation of stratospheric cloud size distribution by combining microphysical and optical modelling and lidar measurements

Kokhanovsky, A. A.; Naud, C.; Wiegner, M.; Lindstrot, R.; Preusker, R.; Thomas, G.; Bovensmann, H.; Burrows, J. P.
Validation of SCIAMACHY cloud top height

Camacho, J.L.; Velázquez, M.
Evaluation of ground measured solar radiation from MSG solar channels radiances in cloudy days.

BOU KARAM, D; Flamant, C; Tulet, P; Chaboureau, J.-P
Mesoscale modelling of dust emissions over the Sahel associated with the West Africain Monsoon intertropical discontinuity

Devasthale, A.; Grassl, H.
Can we infer the impact of ship emissions on clouds from the long-term satellite measurements?

Löhnert, U.; Crewell, S.; Ebell, K. ; Kneifel, S.; Turner, D.
Enhancement of cloud observations by combining passive microwave radiometry with diverse remote and in-situ sensors (withdrawn)

Rodriguez De Leon, R.; Lee, D. S.; Kramer, M.; Thelen, J.C.
Sensitivity of linear contrail radiative forcing

Cermak, J.; Anderson, T. L.
Assessing the spatial distribution of aerosols over clouds using a combination of MODIS and CALIPSO data

Mendrok, J.; Baron, P.; Seta, T.; Kasai, Y.
Terahertz/Far-Infrared Remote Sensing of Ice Clouds - A Sensitivity Study

Zinner, T.; Platnick, S.; Ackerman, A.
Impact of drizzle and 3D cloud structure on remote sensing of effective radius

Bozzo, A.; Maestri, T.; Rizzi, R.; Tosi, E.
A new parameterization of ice cloud optical properties for Numerical Weather Prediction models

Rampelotto, P.H.; Rosa, M.B.; Zanandrea, A.; Schuch, N.J.
The uv-b radiation at southern Brazil and its damage on the human health: meteorological parameters influence

Andronova, A.V.; Granberg, I.G.; Elansky, N.P.; Iordansky, M.A.; Minashkin, V.M.
Spatial-temporary distribution and chemical structure of atmospheric aerosols by results of expeditions of mobile laboratory

Palazzi, E.
A semianalytic Monte Carlo approach to evaluate the lidar signal returns due to aerosol and cloud particles

Badarinath, K.V.S; Kharol, S.K.; Kaskaoutis, D.G.; Kambezidis, H.D.; Nastos, P.T.
Aerosol radiative forcing in a tropical urban environment - A study using ground based measurements and radiative transfer model

Rose, D.; PRIDE-PRD2006 Team
Size-resolved measurements of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) in polluted continental air near the megacities Beijing and Guangzhou, China

Makkonen, R.; Romakkaniemi, S.; Stier, P.; Feichter, J.; Rast, S.; Kulmala, M.; Laaksonen, A.
Global evaluation of nitric acid effect on cloud droplet number concentrations

Spang, R.; Günther, G.; Krämer, M.; Hoffmann, L.; Riese, M.
High Resolution Limb Observations of Cirrus Clouds by the CRISTA-NF Experiment

Spang, R.; MIPclouds Team
MIPclouds: Cloud Information Retrieval from MIPAS-Envisat measurements

Di Giuseppe, F.; Tompkins, A.M.
Generalizing cloud overlap treatment to include solar Zenith angle effects on cloud geometry

Kurowski, M.J.; Grabowski, W.W.; Malinowski, S.P.
Entrainment and mixing at the top of stratocumulus in LES simulations

Venema, V; Gimeno Garcia, S; Simmer, C
A new algorithm for the downscaling of 3-dimensional cloud fields

Rydberg, B.; Eriksson, P.
Improved Odin-SMR retrieval scheme of cloud ice mass in the upper tropical troposphere (withdrawn)

Knap, WH
Quantification of the direct aerosol effect for Cabauw, the Netherlands

Martins, E; Noël, V; Chepfer, H
Subvisible cirrus clouds at global scale from CALIPSO lidar observations

Gunthe, S.; Rose, D.; Mikhailov, E.; Reutter, P.; Trentmann, J.; Simmel, M.; Andreae, M.O.; Pöschl, U.
Activation of aerosol particles with complex chemical composition as cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) in laboratory experiments, field measurements and model simulations

Bodas-Salcedo, A.; Webb, M. J.; Brooks, M. E.; Ringer, M. A.; Milton, S. F.; Wilson, D. R.
Evaluation of clouds in the Met Office global forecast model using CloudSat data

Stubenrauch, C. J.; Cros, S.; Lamquin, N.; Armante, R.; Chédin, A.; Crevoisier, C.; Scott, N. A.
Cloud properties from AIRS and evaluation with CALIPSO

Nauss, T.; Kokhanovsky, A. A.
Simple approximations for the cloud reflection function in the visible and near-infrared and a new cloud property retrieval scheme SLALOM based on optical satellite data

Cahalan, R.; Marshak, A.; Coakley, J.; Loeb, N.; Remer, L.; Varnai, T.; Wen, G.
Apparent Bluing of Aerosols Near Clouds

Nikolaeva, O. V.; Bass, L. P.; Kokhanovsky, A. A.; Kuznetsov, V. S.
The influence of vertical edges of a cloud on light absorption, reflectance, transmittance, and radiative balance

Mateos, D.; Bilbao, J.; De Miguel, A.; Cachorro, V.
Comparison of total ozone column, precipitable water and aerosol optical thickness in central Spain

Balkanski, Y. ; Tsigaridis, K.; Schulz, M.
Quantification of the uncertainty in direct radiative forcing from aerosol state of mixing, size distribution and hygroscopicity

Lolli, S; Sauvage, L; Stachlewska, I; Clouter, R
Assessment of the EZ LIDAR and Micro Pulse Lidar (MPL) performances at ARM Southern Great Plains (SGP) Central Facility for the measurement of clouds and aerosols.

Müller, F.; Chlond, A.
Modified Aerosol Activation Parameterization

Dupont, JC; Haeffelin, M
Observed cirrus cloud radiative forcing on surface-level shortwave and longwave irradiances

Caian, M. ; Savin, E.
Study on the aerosol radiative forcing in the inter-annual radiative balance modulation (withdrawn)

Kristjánsson, J. E.; Stjern, C. W.; Stordal, F.; Fjæraa, A. M.; Myhre, G.; Jónasson, K.
Cosmic rays and clouds - a reassessment using MODIS data

Civis, M.; Junkermann, W.
Optical properties of the vertical aerosol column (OPAC)

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