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  List of Accepted Contributions - SM6 The European Lithosphere: What do we know? (co-listed in TS; co-sponsored by ILP Task Force)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Berkesi, M.; Hidas, K.; Szbó, Cs.
CO2-rich fluid inclusion study in upper mantle peridotites (Pannonian Basin, western Hungary)

Guzmics, T.; Kodolanyi, J.; Zajacz, Z.; Szabo, C.
Mantle metasomatism by primary carbonatite melts found in melt inclusions in clinopyroxenite xenoliths from lamprophyre dikes, Hungary

Nédli, Zs.; Princivalle, F.; Downes, H. ; Dégi, J.; Szabó, Cs.
Petrology and thermobarometry of mantle xenoliths from the Poiana Rusca (W Romania)

Soustelle, V.; Tommasi, A.; Bodinier, J.L.; Garrido, C. ; Vauchez, A.
Interactions between partial melting, magma transport, and deformation in a fossil lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary: the Ronda peridotite massif, Spain

Garrido, C. J.
Architecture and Evolution of the Lithospheric Mantle in Europe and N. Africa - convener (withdrawn)

Le Roux, V.; Bodinier, J.-L.; Alard, O.; O'Reilly, S.Y.; Tommasi, A.; Vauchez, A.
The Lherz massif: 2 Ga history of mantle evolution

Sodoudi, F.; Geissler, W. H.; Kind, R.
The thickness of the European Lithosphere as seen by S receiver functions

Wüstefeld, A; Bokelmann, GHR; Barruol, G
Lithospheric anisotropy beneath the East European Craton

Demetrescu, C.; Tumanian, M.
Thermal and rheological models of the Carpathians foreland on the Romanian territory, constrained by seismic velocity data

Dobrica, V.; Tumanian, M.
Improved thermal model simulating the Neogene volcanic process in Harghita Mountains (East Carpathians)

Bokelmann, GHR.; Buontempo, L.; Morales, J.; Barruol, G.
Seismic Anisotropy Beneath Southern Iberian Peninsula from Splitting of SKS Phases

Eken, T.; Plomerova, J.; Roberts, R.; Shomali, H.; Vecsey, L.; Babuska, V.; Bodvarsson, R.
Does Baltic Shield mantle anisotropy in Sweden resemble the fabric of the Archean-Proterozoic domains in central Finland?

Kozlovskaya, E.; Janik , T.; Yliniemi, J.; Heikkinen, P.; FIRE
Petrological crust-mantle boundary vs. seismic Moho in the central Fennoscandian Shield: constraints from collocated wide-angle and near-vertical seismic profiles

Dando, B. D.; Houseman, G. A.; Stuart, G. W.
Seismic imaging of the Vienna and western Pannonian basins

Hausmann, H.; Hoyer, S.; Zeisz, K.; Schurr, B.; Brückl, E.; CBP Team, .; ALPASS Team, .
Seismicity of the Vienna Basin from the temporary ALPASS and CBP deployments

Plotnikova, I.N.
Influence of Deep Processes in the Lithosphere on Features of Development of the Sedimentary Basins

Houseman, G.; Stuart, G.; Hegedüs, E.; Brückl, E.; Radovanovic, S.; Brisbourne, A.; Lorinczi, P. ; Dando, B.; Kovacs, A.; Hausmann, H.
Preliminary results from the Carpathian Basins Project: an investigation of the seismic structure of the lithosphere in the Pannonian and Vienna Basins

Atanasiu, L.; Besutiu, L.
Gravity-based models of the northern Moesian Plate

Marello, L.; Ebbing, J.; Ritzmann, O.
A new 3D regional density model for the Barents Sea Region

Bogdanova, S.V.; Starostenko, V.I.; Gintov, O.B.; Pashkevich, I.K.; Kuprienko, P.Ya.; Kutas, R.Ya.; Makarenko, I.V.; Tsvetkova, T.A.
Long-lived E-W fault zones in the lithosphere of western Sarmatia

Kovacs, I; Falus, Gy; Hidas, K.; Szabo, Cs.
Collision induced astenospheric flow in the Carpathian Pannonian region: a new interpretation for Cenozoic geodynamics???

France, L; Chazot, G; Kornprobst, J; Dallai, L; Vannucci, R; Bosq, C
Petrological and geochemical study of late-orogenic mantle garnet pyroxenites. Implications on magmatism in old orogenic regions.

Bogdanova, S.V.; Tsymbal, S.N.; Pashkevich, I.K.; Tsvetkova, T.A.; Billstroem, K.; Tsymbal, Yu.S.; Shumlyanskyy, L.V.
The heterogeneous lithosphere beneath the Ukrainian Shield (withdrawn)

Souriau, A.; Chevrot, S.; Olivera, C.
A new tomographic subcrustal model of the Pyrenees

Artemieva, I M
The continental lithosphere: reconciling thermal, seismic, and petrologic data (a European example)

Artemieva, I M; Thybo, H
Deep Norden: Highlights of the lithospheric structure of Northern Europe, Iceland, and Greenland

Artemieva, I M; Thybo, H; Kaban, M K
Deep Europe: Highlights of the lithospheric structure from multidisciplinary geophysical data

Legendre, C.; Lebedev, S.; Meier, T.; Friederich, W.
Large-scale shear velocity structure of the upper mantle beneath Europe and surrounding regions.

Matusiak, M; Grégoire, M; Puziewicz, J
Petrology of mantle beneath Central Europe: a case study of the Lutynia (Sudetes, SW Poland) peridotite xenoliths

Artemieva, I M
Dynamic Topography of the East European Craton: mantle downwelling in the interior with mantle upwellings at the margins?

Behm, M.; Lippitsch, R.; Kissling, E.; Brückl, E.; Grad, M.; Sumanovac, F.
A new Moho map for the entire Alpine region

Jiménez-Munt, I.; Fernŕndez, M.; Vergés, J.; Zeyen, H.; Fullea, J.; Afonso , J.C.; García-Castellanos, D.
The lithospheric structure across the NW Moroccan Margin: evidences for large scale tectonic inversion

Kaban, M.K.; Tesauro, M.; Koulakov, I.; Cloetingh, S.
A new gravity model of the upper mantle of Europe based on a joint analysis of the gravity and seismic data.

Downes, H. ; Coltorti, M.
Mantle xenoliths in space and time in Europe

Puziewicz, J.
Melt metasomatism and igneous cumulates in litospheric mantle beneath Lower Silesia (SW Poland)

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