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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH4.01 Seismo-tectonic electromagnetic effects (co-listed in SM)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Astafyeva, E. I.; Afraimovich, E. L.; Ruzhin, Yu.Ya
Ionospheric disturbances caused by the Sumatra earthquake on 26 December 2004

Bogdanov, Yu.; Zakharov, I.
Variations of the VLF magnetic field associated with earthquakes at local, regional and global scales

Sengor, T.
Full wave analysis of earthquake sequences with waveguide and cavity effects: application in Aegean Sea-Izmir earthquakes of 2005 related to coupling of great earthquakes of 2004

Kotsarenko, A.; Valdez-Gonzalez, C.; Pérez Enríquez, R.; López Cruz-Abeyro, J.A.; Koshevaya, S.; Grimalsky, V.
Volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico: geomagnetic observations at Tlamacas station, 2001-2005

Kotsarenko, A.; López Cruz-Abeyro, J.A.; Pérez Enríquez, R.; Koshevaya, S.; Grimalsky, V.; Kremenetsky , I.
Short-time analysis of the ULF geomagnetic anomalies of the possible seismogenic origin observed at Teoloyucan station, Mexico, in 1999-2001

Potapov, A.; Tsegmed, B.; Guglielmi, A.; Dovbnya, B.
On the ionosphere response to earthquake in the ULF frequency range

Molchanov, O.; Rozhnoi , A.; Solovieva , M.; Akentieva , O.; Andreevsky, S.; Berthelier, J-J.; Parrot, M.; Lefeuvre, F.; Biagi, P-F.; Hayakawa, M.
Global diagnostics of ionospheric perturbations associated with seismicity using VLF transmitter signals received on DEMETER satellite

Rozhnoi , A.; Molchanov , O.; Solovieva, M.; Gladyshev , V.; Akentieva, O.; Berthelier, J-J.; Parrot, M.; Lefeuvre, F.; Biagi, P-F.; Hayakawa, M.
Monitoring of seismo-related ionospheric perturbations using VLF signals received on the ground and satellite DEMETER

Chen, K. J.; Ho, Y. R.; Wang, J. S.; Lin, C. H.
A geomagnetic precursor to the 1999 high seismicity in Taiwan

Duma, G.
Modelling the impact of telluric currents on earthquake activity

Parrot, M.; Lebreton, J.P.; Maksimovic, M.; Berthelier, J.J.; Stverak, S.
Statistical study of the variation of the electron density observed by the ionospheric satellite DEMETER during seismic activity

Rapoport, Yu.; Hayakawa, M.; Gotynyan, O.; Ivchenko, V.; Fedorenko, A.
Electromagnetic effects in unstable near-equatorial plasma in the F region of the ionosphere with the spatial packet of acoustic-gravity waves of the lithospheric origin

Pulinets, S.; Kotsarenko, A.; Ciraolo, L.; Hernandez-Pajares, M.; Juan, J.M.
Special index of ionosphere variability as a short-term earthquake precursor

Triantis, D.; Anastasiadis, C.; Kyriazopoulos, A.; Kyriazis, P.; Stavrakas, I.
Correlation of the Pressure Stimulated Current (PSC) with the applied uniaxial stress on marble rock samples and Portland type cement–OPC, from low stress levels up to fracture*.

Gousheva, M.; Glavcheva , R.; Danov , D.; Hristov , P.; Angelov , P.; Matova , M.
Quasi-static electric fields disturbances in the upper ionosphere over zones of moderate earthquakes occurrence

Anastasiadis, C.; Triantis, D.; Stavrakas, I.; Vallianatos, F.
Pressure Stimulated Currents (PSC) in Amphibolite rocks from KTB drilling under abrupt stepwise uniaxial compressional stress*

Kyriazis, P.; Anastasiadis, C.; Triantis, D.; Vallianatos, F.
Wavelet analysis of ac conductivity time series for the identification of compressional stress on marble samples*.

Alam Kherani, E.; Garcia, R.; Occhipinti, G.; Lognnone, P.
Ionospheric response of the acoustic and gravity waves generated by Earthquakes and Tsunami: Linear analysis and numerical simulation

Masci, F; Meloni, A; Palangio, P; Lepidi, S
The INGV tectonomagnetic network: 2004-2005 whole dataset

Liu, J.Y.; Chen, Y.I.
A statistical investigation of pre-earthquake ionospheric anomaly

Ho, Y.H; Zain, A.F.M; Abdullah, M.; Abdullah, S.; Homam, M.J.
Detection of ionospheric perturbation using ground gps receiver at Malaysia associated to Northern Sumatra earthquake on 26 December 2004

Hattori, K; Ishikawa, H; Harada, M; Takahashi, I; Yoshino, C; Isezaki, N
ULF magnetic transfer function analysis using the wavelet for monitoring of crustal activity

Konstantaras, A.; Varley, M. R.; Vallianatos, F.; Collins, G.; Holifield, P.
Hybrid inverse adaptive filtering (HIAF) for the minimisation of magnetotelluric disturbances from electric field recordings

Nemec, F.; Santolik, O.; Parrot, M.; Berthelier, J. J.
Satellite observations of electromagnetic effects connected with seismic activity: a statistical study using DEMETER data

Kopytenko, Yu.; Ismaguilov, V.; Hattori, K.; Hayakawa, M.; Semenov, N.; Sarychev, D.
Anomalous behavior of gradients, phase velocities and correlation coefficients of ULF (F<1 Hz) geomagnetic disturbances observed before strong EQs

Colangelo, G.; Lapenna, V.; Telesca, L.
10-years of self-potential observations in Southern Italy: a critical review.

Vallianatos, F.; Makris, J.; Soupios, P.; Saltas, V.; Papadopoulos, I.
Marmara Earthquake Rehabilitation Program (MERP) : A Detailed Geophysical Study for Disaster Risk Management and Mitigation

Kunitsyn, V.; Ahmedov, R.; Andreeva, E.; Nazarenko, M.; Suraev, S.
Radio tomographic study of electromagnetic effects of earthquakes (withdrawn)

Braun, T.; Röder, H.; Schuhmann, W.; Boschi, E.; Büttner, R.; Zimanowski, B.
Electrostatic field variations related to the big Sumatra earthquake

Freund, F.; Lau, B.; Takeuchi, A.; Duma, G.
Energy transfer processes that reach deep into the solid Earth: amplification of stresses that might trigger earthquakes

Paparo, G.; Gregori, G.P.; Poscolieri, M.; Zanini, A.
Crustal deformation and AE time series: annual, tidal and residual variations

Molini\'e, G.; Escobar, J.; Gazen, D.; Roux, F.
Simulations of lightning flashes featuring fractal patterns with the cloud resolving model MesoNH

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