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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH4.4 Rainfall induced landslides and debris flows (co-listed in GM)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kubota, T.; Otsuki, K.; Cantu Silva, I.; Hasnawir , H.
The warning criteria analysis of sediment runoff, debris flows, shallow landslides along the mountainous torrent

Lukose Kuriakose, S; van Beek, L.P.H; van Westen, C.J
Comparison of physically based models for debris flow initiation - A case study in the Tikovil river basin of The Western Ghats of Kerala, India

Chang, K.; Chiang, S.; Lei, F.
Analyzing Critical Rainfall Conditions for Typhoon-Triggered Landslides (withdrawn)

Shou, K.; Wu, B.; Hsu, H.
On the control factors of the colluvial landslides after 1999 Taiwan Chi-Chi earthquake

Berger, C.; McArdell, B. W.; Schlunegger, F.
Erosion and deposition in a debris flow torrent channel: Influence of event type and rainfall

Portilla, M.; Hürlimann, M.; Coromina, J.
Understanding causes of mass movements focussing on rainfall. Two case studies of the Lower Garagoa River Basin (Boyaca, Colombia)

Jaiswal, P; van Westen, C J; Jetten, V
Use of historic landslide inventories for hazard assessment along communication routes

Locher, DL; Tacher, LT
An evapo-transpiration controlled landslide in Switzerland: The Steinernase case

Cepeda, J.; Devoli, G.
Rainfall thresholds for landslide triggering following volcanic ash eruptions and earthquakes

Uchida, T; Tamura, K; Mori, N
A simple method for producing probabilistic shallow landslide hazard maps using soil thickness dataset

Garlatti, F.; Alexandre, F.; Fort, M.
Analytical chronology of past disasters in Arzino’s catchment (1905-2005 ; Carnic Pre-Alps, Northeastern Italy)”

Lin , C. W.; Liao , C. Y.; Tsai, T. T.
Impacts of the Chi-Chi Earthquake on subsequent rainfall-induced landslides in Tahan River watershed, northern Taiwan

Lin, C. W.; Tsai, T. T.; Ko, C. P.; Shieh, C. L.
The empirical rainfall thresholds to trigger debris flows in Oligocene-Eocene slate formation, Taiwan

Guthrie, R.H.; Evans, S.G.
Physiographic controls on the magnitude frequency distribution of shallow landslides.

Cristea, I.
Characteristics of the slope movements in Suceava area, Romania

Cevasco, A.; Sacchini, A.; Riccio, L.; Robbiano, A.; Vincenzi, E.
Relationships between precipitations and shallow landslides in the Municipality of Genoa (Italy)

Or, D.; Lehmann, P.; Güell, M.; Schwarz, M.; Cohen, D.
The Fiber Bundle Model (FBM) for hydrologic triggering of shallow landslides

Tobe, H.; Chigira, M.
The influence of granitic rock textures on their weathering and landslide occurrence

Pignone, S; Martina, MLV; Pizziolo, M; Todini, E
A Bayesian approach to determine the rainfall thresholds for shallow landslides triggering

Lin, J. C.; Petley, D.
Slope stability in a dynamic environment: A Case Study of the Tachia River, Central Taiwan

Garlatti, F.; Alexandre, F.; Fort, M.
Analytical chronology of past, rainfall-induced disasters in Arzino’s catchment (1905-2005 ; Carnic Pre-Alps, Northeastern Italy)

Peruccacci, S.; Rossi, M.; Guzzetti, F. ; Stark, C.P.
Logistic modelling of landslide rainfall thresholds

An Improved Methodology For Landslide Risk Assessment

Gubler, A.; Volkwein, A.; Wendeler, C.
Characteristic Load Parameters for flexible Debris Flow Barriers investigated through Laboratory Experiments

Walter, M.; Joswig, M.
Seismic monitoring of fracture processes from a creeping landslide in the Vorarlberg Alps

Tofani, V.; Wang, F.; Casagli, N.; Falorni, G.; Nocentini, M.; Fukuoka, H.
Instability conditions of the landslides triggered by the 2006 rainfall event in Ischia Island, Italy

Lehmann, P.; Or, D.
Concepts of Self-Organized Criticality for modeling triggering of shallow landslides

Mergili, M.; Fellin, W.; Moreiras, S.M.; Stötter, J.
Integrated modelling of debris flows in the Central Andes based on Open Source GIS

Debieche, T.-H.; Emblanch, C.; Cognard-Plancq, A.-L.; Garel, E.; Malet, J.-P.; Marc, V.; Bogaard, T.-A.; Travelletti, J.
Use of artificial tracing (Br- and Cl-) for investigating infiltration processes and their impact on landslides stability. The case of the Super-Sauze mudslide (04, France)

Kienzler, P.; Naef, F.; Scherrer, S.; Thielen, A.; Springman, S.
Hydrology of landslide triggering

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