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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS8 Subsurface assessment and characterisation of flow, transport, and fate using physical, chemical, and isotopic tools (co-listed in IG)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Subagyono, S; Tanaka, T
Subsurface Flow and Dissolve Organic Carbon Pathways in a Forested Headwater Catchment (withdrawn)

Cucchi, F.; Flora, O.; Franceschini, G.; Genoni, L.; Stenni, B. ; Zini, L.
Using stable isotope analyses (ä18O) to characterise the regional hydrology of the Friuli Venezia Giulia plain, north-east Italy

Cucchi, F.; Franceschini, G. ; Piani, R.; Zini, L.
Hydrochemistry of groundwater samples from phreatic and multilayer aquifers of the Friuli Venezia Giulia plain, north-east Italy

Cucchi, F.; Treu, F.; Zini, L.
Using stable isotope analyses (ä18O) and geochemistry monitoring of mountain springs (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Northern Italy)

Gooddy, D.C.; Lapworth, D.J.; Harrison, I; Kim, A.W.; Mathias, S.A.
Characterising pesticide residence and transport processes through dual porosity aquifers

Ruopp, K.; Postigo Rebollo, C.P; Barth, J.A.C; Grathwohl, P.
Water Stable Isotope Tracers in the Blautopf Catchment (southern Germany) linked to a Mass Balance of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons

Kuhn, T.; Hamonts, K.; Dejonghe, W.; Peters, N.-H.; Stichler, W.; Meckenstock, R.
Assessing biodegradation of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons in a river sediment by conservative and reactive isotope tracers (2H, 18O, 13C)

Mertens, J.; Degryse, F.; Amery, F. ; Cheyns, K.; De Troyer, I.; Feyen, J.; Smolders, E.
Solute flux and concentration monitoring in the vadose zone using Passive Capillary Wick Samplers (PCAPS)

von Rohden, C.; Kreuzer, A.; Aeschbach-Hertig, W.; Chen, Z.
Dating young Groundwater in the North China Plain

Klaus, J. S.; Beer, W. W.; Hansen, B. T.
87Sr/86Sr, 18O, 2H and 3H as tracers for genesis and saturation history of infiltrating groundwater in evaporitic deposits of the German Zechstein Basin

Lapworth, D.J.; Gooddy, D.C; Morris, B.L.; Butcher, A.
Investigating groundwater movement and contaminant transport in two contrasting Sandstone aquifers using intrinsic fluorescence spectroscopy (withdrawn)

Castorina, F.; Masi, U.
Sr-Nd isotopic signatures in soils from the Muravera area (SE Sardinia, Italy)

Jeong, C.H.; Nagao, K.; Kim, K.H.; Sumino, H.; Choi, H.K.; Park, J.S.
Geochemical evolution and origin of noble gases of hot spring waters of various types from the eastern area of the Korea

Häusler, H.; Payer, T.; Scheibz, J.; Rank, D.; Maracek, K.
The Zicksee paradox revealed? Contradictory results of the water balance of a shallow lake in the Seewinkel region (Northern Burgenland, Austria)

Kuder, T.; Philp, P.; Allen, J.
Stable isotope fractionation resulting from biotic and abiotic MTBE attenuation processes

Verhack, J.; Bronders, J. ; Van Keer, I.; Swennen, R.; Schwarzbauer, J.
Characterisation of an aquifer contaminated with chlorinated solvents by using stable carbon isotope analysis (withdrawn)

Fischer, A.; Vogt, C.; Herrmann, S.; Theuerkorn, K.; Herklotz, I.; Thullner, M.; Richnow, H.-H.
Monitoring in situ benzene biodegradation in contaminated aquifers using compound-specific stable isotope analysis (CSIA)

Tobler, N. B.; Hofstetter, T. B.; Schwarzenbach, R. P.
Identifying the concurrent oxidation of toluene and reduction of nitroaromatic contaminants in anoxic environments using compound-specific carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis

Loisy, C; Franceschi , M; Cerepi, A; Mao, LS
Geochemistry and hydrogeochemical modeling of the unsaturated zone of geolocial carbonate formation

Elsner, M.; Zwank, L.; Hunkeler, D.; Schwarzenbach, R.P.
Linking observable stable isotope fractionation to transformation pathways of organic pollutants

Loisy, C; Franceschi, M; Cerepi, A
High characterization of water-air flow tranport in the vadose zone of geolocial carbonate formation from Radon-222

Kocarek, M.; Kodesova, R.; Kozak, J.; Zvonek, S.
Field and numerical study of chlorotoluron behaviour in Haplic Chernozem

Wienhöfer, J.; Lindenmaier, F. ; Ihringer, J.; Zehe, E.
Understanding hydrological triggers of a large moving hillslope

Banerjee, D.; Heggy, E.; Khan, S.D.
Dielectric and GPR Studies of Edwards Formation Carbonates in Central Texas

Blum , P.; Hunkeler , D.; Weede, M.; Beyer, C.; Grathwohl , P.; Morasch, B.
Quantification of biodegradation for various organic compounds using first-order, Michaelis-Menten kinetics and stable carbon isotopes

Niedermayr, A.; Neubauer, E. ; Dietzel , M.; Leis, A.; Köhler , S.; Poltnig, W.; Benischke, R.
Proxies for the Evolution of Acidulous Iron-rich Springs in Carinthia (Austria)

Adolph, G.; Kuells, C.; Willscheid, A.
Determination and validation of age structures as an improved measure of hydrological dynamics

Abe, Y; Aravena, R; Hunkeler, D
Integration of hydraulic, hydrochemical and isotope data to evaluate the fate of chlorinated ethenes at the groundwater-surface water interface

Schneider, P.; Katterfeld, C.
Identification of hydrologic transport processes and diffuse nutrient pathways with natural and applied tracers

Bloem, E.; Hermon, K. M.; Stagnitti, F.; de Rooij, G. H.
A solute leaching experiment to measure the spatio-temporal distribution of a bromide pulse and a chloride block irrigation on a loamy vineyard soil

Bloem, E.; Hogervorst, F.A.N; de Rooij, G. H.
Using field and model data of a spatio-temporal solute leaching experiment to compare the suction plates of two variable-suction multi-compartment samplers

Pera, S
Hydrogeology and geochemical characteristics of groundwater in a porous aquifer connected with two karst systems, in Southern Switzerland

Kalbe, U.; Berger, W.; Würck, S.; Eckhart, J.; Kolepki, M.; Christoph, G.; Rübner, K.
Investigations on the suitability of suction cups for sampling of soil water with organic contaminants

Prunier, J.; Pierret, M. C.; Chabaux, F.; Trémolières, M.; Pelt, E.; Rihs, S.
U-Ra fractionations in surface waters : Clues from Strengbach watershed (Vosges – France)

Sawyer, F.E.; Thomas, J. M.; Earman, S.; Carroll, R. W.
Coupled Mixing-Cell and Mass Balance Flow Path Models of the White River Flow System, Nevada, USA (withdrawn)

Mohrlok, U.; Heinrich, K.; Kirubaharan, S.; Eldho, T.I.
Tracer tests in vertical groundwater circulation flow fields

de Rooij, G.H.; Hogervorst, F.A.N; Bloem, E.; Stagnitti, F.; Cirpka, O.A.; Vanderborght, J.
Unsaturated Water Flow and Solute Transport in Field Soils: advances in measurements and data analysis

Leis, A.; Wiegand, B. A.; Koehler, S. J.; Reichl, P.; Harum, T.
Assessment of groundwater origin and discharge in crystalline basement using hydrochemistry and strontium isotope ratios.

Rousseau-Gueutin, P.; Gonçalvès, J.; Cruchaudet, M.; Altmann, S.; Violette, S.
Estimation of electrochemistry/hydraulic coupling parameters in clay medium

Ghergut, I.; Sauter, M.; Behrens, H.; Licha, T.; Rose, P.; Orzol, J.; Lodemann, M.
Comparative evaluation of tracer tests in deep crystalline and sedimentary, candidate geothermal reservoirs in Germany

Nehls, T.; Hartstock, S.; Stoffregen, H.; Wessolek, G.
Stability of preferential flow paths in paved urban soils

Kampara, M.; Thullner, M.; Harms, H.; Wick, L.Y.
Influence of substrate bioavailability on the apparent stable isotope fractionation

Hogervorst, F.A.N; Rooij de, G.H. ; Bierkens, M.F.P
Proportional weighting of phreatic level measurements to increase model optimization efficiency.

Hartenbach, A.; Hofstetter, T.B.; Berg, M.; Bolotin, J.; Schwarzenbach, R.P.
Using nitrogen Isotope fractionation to assess abiotic reduction of nitroaromatic compounds

Martinez, F.; Cortes, A. ; Ramirez, A.; Hernandez, H.
Determining hidrogeochemical facies with multivariated analisys in Aguascalientes, Mexico

billy, B; Kao, K; Birgand, B; Tournebize, T; Sebilo, S
Nitrate dynamics in a sub-surface artificially drained watershed

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