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  List of Accepted Contributions - GI6 Space Instrumentation (co-listed in G, AS, OS, PS & ST)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Delcourt, D.; Saito, Y.; Illiano, J.M.; Berthelier, J.J.; Fontaine, D.; Krupp, N.; Fraenz, M.; Godefroy, M.; Fischer, H.; Yokota, S.; THE MMO MSA TEAM (continued)
The Mass Spectrum Analyzer onboard Bepi Colombo MMO : scientific objectives and prototype results

Begni, G; Avignon, M; Buffet, L; Materne, A; de Boissezon, H
PLEIADES and IASI : two innovative instrument concepts for more efficient applications in Earth system monitoring (withdrawn)

Wilcox, J; Urgiles, E.; Toda, R.; Crisp, J.
Electron Induced Excitation of XRF to determine Elemental Composition of Samples in Planetary Atmosphere

Eriksson, A. I.; Khotyaintsev, Y.; Lindqvist, P.-A.
Spacecraft wakes in the solar wind

Fortes, A. D.; Wood, I. G.; Dobson, D. P.
The proposed icy mineralogy package (XRD/XRF) for TandEM.

Ho, G.C.; Allegrini, F.; Desai, M.I.; Livi, S.A.; McComas, D.J.; Nelson, K.; Posner, McCA.
A high-temporal resolution SupraThermal Ion Spectrometer concept for future Heliospheric (STISH) missions

Oswald, T.H.; Macher, W.; Rucker, H.O.
Inclusion of plasma effects in numerical spacecraft antenna calibration

Kaufmann, E.; Kömle, N.I.; Kargl, G.; Steller, M.; Tatschl, F.; Schwarzl, H.; Romstedt, J.
Melting probe prototype: new results

Ulamec, S.; Biele, J.
Strategies for Landing on small Bodies

Yoshioka, K; Murakami, G; Toyota, T; Yoshikawa, I; Saito, A
Development of the EUV imager onboard the ISS

Pirard, B.; Bravar, U.; Flueckiger, E. O.; Macri, J. R.; Mallik, P.; McConnell, M. L.; MacKinnon, A.; Moser, M.; Ryan, J. M.; Woolf , R.
Simulation of a solar neutron spectrometer for future space missions in the inner heliosphere, from prototype calibrations to flight instrument performances

Ramos-Bosch, P.; Hernandez-Pajares, M.; Juan, J.M.; Sanz, J.; Aragon-Angel, A.
Autonomous LEO navigation with single-frequency GPS receivers: Application of multipath mitigation techniques

Paar, G.; Oberst, J.; Barnes, D.P.; Griffiths, A.D.; Jaumann, R.; Coates, A.J.; Muller, J.-P.; Gao, Y.; Li, R.
ExoMars Panoramic Camera 3D Vision: Expected Quality of Rover Surroundings Description

Coldewey-Egbers, M.; Slijkhuis, S.; Aberle, B.; Loyola, D.
Analysis of GOME instrument stability using 11 years of in-flight calibration data

Collinson, G.A.; Kataria, D.O.; Coates, A.J.; Tsang, S.M.E; Frahm, R.; Winningham, J.D. ; Barabash, S.
Electron optical study of the Venus Express ASPERA- ELS Top-Hat Electrostatic Analyser

Knollenberg, J.; Solbrig, M.; Helbert, J.; Walter, I.; Keßler, E.; Baier, V.
Measuring Mercury’s surface temperature - the MERTIS Microradiometer

Eichelberger, H. U.; Schwingenschuh, K. ; Prattes, G.; Besser, B. P.; Aydogar, Ö.; Jernej, I.; Lichtenegger, H.; Hofe , R.; Falkner, P.; Tokano, T.
Acoustics of planetary atmospheres with active multi-microphone techniques, probing Titan

Huenerbein, A; Preusker, R
Study on a Radiometric and spectral requirements of a Post-EPS Visible/Infrared Imager

Krause, C.; Seidensticker, K. J.
Soil Properties Determination with Acoustic Sounding

Coillot, C.; Moutoussamy, J. ; Chanteur, G.M.
The dual-band search coil magnetometer: a new instrument for investigating wide band magnetic field fluctuations in space

Orsini, S.; Di Lellis, AM.; Milillo, A.; Selci, S.; Leoni, R.; Dandouras, I.; THE ELENA TEAM
Low energy high angular resolution neutral atom detection by means of micro-shuttering techniques: the BepiColombo SERENA/ELENA sensor

Moutoussamy, J.; Coillot, C.; Chanteur, G.M.; Alvès, F.
Feasibility of a Giant Magneto-Impedance sandwich magnetometer for space apllications

Scheer, J.A.; Saul, L.; Wurz, P.; Moebius, E.; Hertzberg, E.; Fuselier, S.A.; McComas, D.J.
Calibration of Instruments for Detection of Energetic Neutral Atoms (ENA)

Richter, L.; Brucks, A.; Dalcolmo, J.; Grott, M.; Kargl, G.; Mehls, C.; Nadalini, R.; Roesner, K.; Spohn, T.
Engineering Challenges of the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package (HP3) on ExoMars

Richter, L.; Brucks, A.; Witte, L.
A New Facility for Lander Touchdown and Rover Mobility Testing at DLR

Fazakerley, A; Lahiff, A
Moments of the electron velocity distribution from Cluster-PEACE: how good are they?

Klingelhöfer, G.; Rodionov, D.; Blumers, M.; Strüder, L.; Lechner, P.; Bernhardt, B.; Henkel, H.; Girones Lopez, J.; d'Uston, C.; Studlek, G.
The advanced miniaturized Mössbauer Spectrometer MIMOS IIA

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