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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS7.2 Arc-continent collision orogens (including Stephan Mueller Medal Lecture)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Brown, D.; Spadea, P.; Puchkov, V.; Alvarez-Marron, J.; Herrington, R.; Willner, A.P.; Hetzel, R.; Gorozhanina, Y.; Juhlin, C.
Arc-continent collision in the Southern Urals

Dewey, J.F.; Mange, M.A.; Ryan, P.D.
Arc-continent collision: orogeny and continental growth

Brown, D.; Alvarez-Marron, J.; Her, D.J.
Structure of the Hsüehshan Range along the Tachiahsi and Wuhsi river valleys, Taiwan

Herrington, R; Scotney, P; Roberts, S; Boyce, A; Harrison, D
Isotopic evidence for progressive contamination to magmas generated during arc-continent collision in the Banda arc and the relationship to gold-rich massive sulphide deposit formation

Puchkov, V. N.
The Urals as a multi-collisional Orogen

Wu, F
TAIGER (TAiwan Integrated GEodynamics Reearch) project for testing models of Taiwan orogeny

Yin, C.Q.; Zhao, G.C.; Sun, M.; Leung, W.H.
Metamorphic P-T path of the Qianlishan and Zhuozishan khondalites in the Western Block of the North China Craton and its tectonic implications

Leung, W.H; Zhao, G.C. ; Sun, M.; Yin, C.Q.
Metamorphic evolution of the Helanshan Complex, westernmost part of the Khondalite Belt in the Western Block of the North China Craton (withdrawn)

Huang, C. Y.; Chien, C. W.; Yao, B.; Chang, C. P.
The Lichi Mélange: a collision mélange formation along early arcward backthrusts during forearc basin closure, Taiwan arc-continent collision

Kukkonen, I.T.; Lauri, L.S.
Modelling the thermal evolution of a collisional Precambrian orogen: High heat production migmatitic granites of southern Finland

Lee, Y. H.; Chen, C. C.; Liu, T. K.; Ho, H. C.; Lu, H. Y.
Mountain Building Mechanisms in the Southern Central Range of the Taiwan Orogenic Belt - from Accretionary Wedge Deformation to Arc-Continental Collision

Glen, R.; Meffre, S.; Crawford, A. ; Scott, R.; Percival, I.
The Ordovician Macquarie Arc and its accretion to Gondwana

Belova, A.A.; Dubinina, S.V.; Kuznetsov, N.B.; Ryazantsev, A.V.
Ordovician intra-oceanic convergence in the Paleozoides of the Southern Urals

Lu, C.Y.; Chan, Y.C.; Yeh, E.C.; Chang, K.J.; Lee, J.C; Chu, H.T.
Temporal and spatial structural characteristics in the Taiwan Slate Belt (withdrawn)

Gee, D.G.
From the Orogens of Europe to the Origin of the Arctic (Stephan Mueller Medal Lecture)

Samygin, S.G.; Sadovskaya, L.A.
Arc–continent collision in the Urals: Peculiarities in development along the orogen strike

Korja, A.; Heikkinen, P.; Lahtinen, R.
Savo Arc-Karelian continent -collision – evidence of Paleoproterozoic continental growth in Fennoscandia from FIRE profiles

Jagoutz, O.; Burg, J.P. ; Dawood, H.; Hussain, S.S.
Preservation of pre-collisional structures in the accreted Kohistan island arc in the Pakistani Himalaya.

Charvet, J. ; Laurent-Charvet, S.; Shu, L.S.
Processes of arc-continent collision involved in the Paleozoic evolution of East Tianshan (NW China): accretion mode of the southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt.

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