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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH1.03 Diagnosis, modelling and forecasting of meteorological and hydrological hazards produced by extreme weather and climate change (co-listed in AS & CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Cony, M.; Hernández, E.; Prieto, L.; del Teso, T.
Influence of synoptic scale in the generation of extremely hot days and extremely cold days in Europe

Kapochkin, B.B.; Kucherenko, N.V.; Kapochkina, A.B.
The theory of formation of a tropical cyclone

Casanova, C.; Romo, A.; Hernández, E.; Casanova, J. L.
Operational cloud classification for the Iberian Peninsula using Meteosat-8 and Aqua-Airs image fusion

Krakovska, S.; Goettel , H.; Jacob, D.; Pfeifer , S.
A complex of the numerical models in the study of the catastrophic floods

Repina, I.; Smirnov, A.; Emilenko, A.; Agapov, Yu.; Miller, E.
Evolution of katabatic flow (bora) on the northern Black sea cost

Federico, S.; Avolio, E.; Bellecci, C.; Lavagnini, A.; Colacino, M.
The upper-tropospheric forcing in the 10th -12th December 2003 storm over Calabria

Blechschmidt, A.-M.; Graßl, H.
Investigation of polar lows by combined use of active and passive satellite remote sensing

Price, C.; Yair, Y.; Mugnai, A.; Lagouvardos, K.; Llasat, M.C.; Michaelides, S.
FLASH: A new EU project related to Mediterranean flash floods

Müller, M.; Kaspar, M.
A method to asses the extremity of an upcoming precipitation event

Pinto, J.G.; Brücher, T.; Fink, A.H.; Krüger, A.
Extraordinary snow accumulations over parts of central Europe during the winter of 2005/06 and weather-related hazards

Funatsu, B.; Claud, C.; Chaboureau, J.-P.
Potential of AMSU for detection of intense rainfall and associated upper level conditions in the Mediterranean region

Pinto, J.G.; Neuhaus, C.P.; Reyers, M.; Kerschgens, M.; Leckebusch, G.C.; Speth, P.
Impacts of climate change to storm events over West Germany: application of a statistical-dynamical regionalisation method

Forster, C.; Tafferner, A.
Weather Forecast User Oriented System Including Object Nowcasting (WxFUSION): An integrated nowcasting and forecasting system using real-time observations and model data

Llasat, M.C.; Garrote, L.; Barrera, A.; Atencia, A.; Barnolas, M.; Llasat-Botija, M.; Rigo, T.; Altava-Ortiz, V.; Mediero, L.; Cabot, J.
The analysis of flash floods in Catalonia in the framework of the European project FLASH

Gelfan, A.
Climatic and basin factors affecting the extreme snowmelt floods: analysis on the basis of a physically-based model coupled with a stochastic weather generator

Llasat, M.C.; Barnolas, M.; Rigo, T.; Marcuello, C.
A comparison of heavy rainfall events in Spain. Modeling by radar and raingauge data

Popa, F.; Stefan, S.; Banciu, D.
Study of the Severe Weather Episodes in Romania by using Potential Vorticity

Thuering, M.; Hammer, J.; Pozzoni, M.; Cannata, M.
Assessment of drought susceptibility in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia

Jorba, O.; Marrero, C.; Cuevas, E.; Baldasano, J.M.
Impact of the extratropical storm delta over the Canary Islands on 28-30 November 2005: severe windstorm event

Rostovtseva, V.V.; Goncharenko, I.V.
Satellite microwave scanner radiometry data using for analyze of the new tropical cyclones generation criterion in the Atlantic Ocean

Orlowsky, B.; Gerstengarbe, F.-W.; Werner, P.C.
The Elbe Catchment: Extreme Events in Observations and Simulations

Grieser, J.; Staeger, T.; Schönwiese, C.-D.
Estimation of Return Periods of daily Extreme Precipitation in Germany 1951 - 2000

Perekhodtseva, E.
The automated forecast to 12-36h ahead of storm wind and heavy rainfalls over the territory of Siberia

Martín, A.; Homar, V.
Mesoscale short-range ensemble predictions for three high impact weather events in the Western Mediterranean

Aznar, R.; Valero, F.; Montávez, J.P.
Interaction of the atmospheric flow with the orography during an extreme cold surge

Marinaki, A.; Spiliotopoulos, M.; Michalopoulou, H.
A comparative performance analysis of three meteorological drought indices for Thessaly, Greece

Ortego , M.I.; Gibergans-Báguena, J.; Egozcue, J.J.
The use of Compositional Data to classificate rainfall events: Application to rainfall intensities in Catalonia (Spain)

Chauvelon, P.; Pichaud, M.; Gaufres, P.; Sandoz, A.
Impact of meteorological and hydrological extreme events (floods and droughts) on the Rhone delta hydraulic management

Chou, S.C.; Seluchi, M.; Cavalcanti, I.F.A
Simulations of heavy rainfall events over Serra do Mar in Brazil

Ortego, M.I.; Egozcue, J.J.
Scale and evaluation of a Poisson-GPD model

Fosumpaur, P.; Holecek, M.; Nachazel, K.
Modelling of synthetic rainfall-runoff flood patterns

Loukas, A.; Vasiliades, L.; Tzabiras, J. ; Zanis, P.
Downscaling of monthly precipitation and temperature for drought assessment

Ólafsson, H.; Ágústsson, H.
Forecasting benefits of increased horizontal resolution in complex terrain

Dewals, B.J.; De Sutter, R.; De Sme, L.; Pirotton, M.
Synthesis of primary impacts of climate change in Belgium, as an onset to the development of an assessment tool for adaptation measures

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