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  List of Accepted Contributions - PS13 Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer in Planetary Atmospheres

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kuznyetsova, Yu.; Krushevskaya, V.; Vid'machenko, A.
Comparative analysis of physical parameters of giant planet atmospheres of the Solar System taking into account Raman scattering effects. (withdrawn)

Rothman, L.S.
Developing spectroscopic parameters for characterizing planetary atmospheres

Brown, L. R.
Infrared Laboratory Spectroscopy of CH4 and CH3D for Planetary Studies

Afanasenko, T.S.; Rodin, A.V.
Line mixing and collisional broadening in the thermal radiation of the lower Venus atmosphere (withdrawn)

Ustinov, E.
Direct linearization and adjoint approaches to evaluation of atmospheric weighting functions and surface partial derivatives: General principles, synergy and areas of applications

Ustinov, E.
Analytic evaluation of the weighting functions for remote sensing of blackbody planetary atmospheres: The case of limb viewing geometry

Hartmann, J.-M.
Collisional absorption shapes and atmospheric spectra

Martin-Torres, J.; Mlynczak, M
FUTBOLIN (Full Transfer by Optimized LINe-by-line methods): a new Radiative Transfer Code for Atmospheric Calculations in the Visible and Infrared

Kleiner, I.
Infrared spectroscopy of NH3, PH3 and CH3CN for planetary applications

Goody, R; Dykema, J; Leroy, S
Thermal spectroscopy to improve weather and climate forecasts

Spurr, R.
LIDORT: Linearized discrete ordinate radiative transfer forward modeling for remote sensing retrieval applications

Jacquinet-Husson, N.; Scott, N.A.; Chédin, A.; Armante, R.
Assessment of spectroscopic database archives for planetary atmosphere studies

Tran, H.; Boulet, C.; Hartmann, J.-M.
Collision induced absorption and line-mixing effects in the O2 A-band

Coustenis, A.; Bénilan, Y. ; Jolly, A. ; Negrao, A.
Spectroscopic needs for Titan’s characterization

Blackwell-Whitehead, R.; Blackie, D.; Stark, G.; Pickering, J.C.; Rufus, J.; Smith, P.
High resolution UV SO2 absorption cross sections for planetary atmosphere studies

Kratz, D.
Modeling the Far-infrared Spectra of the Terrestrial Atmospheres

Huestis, D.
Critical evaluation of rates and cross sections: (a) vibrational energy transfer between O2 and H2O and (b) yields of O(1S) and O(1D) from photodissociation of CO2 and H2O

Miller, C.; Brown, L.; Toth, R.; Crisp, D.
Spectroscopic characterization for high CO2 concentration atmospheres

Ohtsuki, S.; Iwagami, N.; Sagawa, H.; Ueno, M.; Kasaba, Y.; Imamura, T.
Imaging spectroscopy of the Venus 1.27-micron O2 airglow with IRTF/CSHELL

Eymet, V.; Fournier, R.; Lebonnois, S.; Bullock, M.A.; Dufresne, J.L.; Hourdin, F.
An infrared radiative transfer parameterization for a Venus General Circulation Model

Crisp, D.
The Spectral Mapping Atmospheric Radiative Transfer (SMART) Model

Orton, G.; Gustafsson, M.; Frommhold, L.; Burgdorf, M.; Meadows, V.
Accurate Hydrogen Continua for Spitzer Uranus and Neptune Spectra Using New Ab Initio Models for Molecular Hydrogen Collision-Induced Absorption at Low Temperatures

Turnbull, M; Traub, W; Jucks, K; Woolf, N; Meyer, M; Gorlova, N; Skrutskie, M; Wilson, J
The Earthshine spectrum in the near infrared

Merikallio, S.; Crisp, D.
Modeling Planetary Atmospheres with the Spectral Mapping Atmospheric Radiative Transfer (SMART) Model

Mengistu-Tsidu, G.
On the performance of using neural network radiative transfer model with Hessian retrieval method in atmospheric remote sensing with infrared spectroscopy

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