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  List of Accepted Contributions - OS2 Open session on Shelf Seas, Coastal Seas, and Estuaries (co-listed in BG & NP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Bellafiore, D.; Umgiesser, G.
Small scale coastal processes in the Northern Adriatic Sea - Modeling as a tool

Garnier, R.; Dodd, N.; Calvete, D.; Falques, A.
Nonlinear modelling of nearshore sand bars from self organization processes: a `Global Analysis'

Sriariyawat, A.; Dodd, N.
Formation and Long-term Evolution of Beach Cusps

de Brye, B.; Deleersnijder, E.; Gourgue, O.; de Brauwere, A.
Finite element modelling of the Scheldt estuary and the adjacent Belgian/Dutch coastal zone

Thorpe, S.; Green, M.; Simpson, J.; Osborn, T.; Nimmo Smith, A.
Boils and turbulence in a weakly stratified shallow tidal sea

Simpson, J.H.
Developing understanding of the shelf seas and their role in the global ocean (Fridtjof Nansen Medal Lecture)

de Swart, H. E.; Vis-Star, N. C.; Calvete, D.
Limited predictability properties of modelled sand ridges on the inner shelf

Witting, M.; Wehmeyer, C.
Medium-term morphodynamic modelling of mud and sand in the tidal basin Jadebusen (withdrawn)

Chrastansky, CA; Callies, UC
Hydrodynamic modeling to support the evaluation of wind related signals in North Sea beached bird survey data

Morozov, E.; Paka, V.
Strong internal tides in the Kara Strait

Shi, J.Z.
The dispersal and mixing processes within the plume of the Changjiang River estuary: influences of the M2, S2, K1, and O1 tidal constituents in the flood and dry seasons

Hall, R.; Huthnance, J.; Williams, R.
Mixing and dissipation of internal wave energy on a shelf slope

Lettmann, K.; Wolff, J.O.
Investigation of the impact of winter storms on sediment dynamics in the East-Frisian Wadden Sea (southern North Sea) using the numerical model GETM

Rosentraub, Z.
The seasonal circulation over the Israeli continental shelf and slope

Gräwe, U.; Ribbe, J.; Wolff, J.-O.
The inverse nature of an Australian bay

ter Brake, M.C.; Schuttelaars, H.M.
Importance of topographically induced sediment fluxes on equilibrium bed profiles and their linear stability in tidal embayments

GERKEMA, T.; van Haren, H.
Internal tides and energy fluxes over Great Meteor Seamount

Barry, K.; O'Kane, J.P.
The role of “social calibration” in the verification of a hydrodynamic model of Cork Harbour

Stanev, E. V.
Sediment Dynamics in Tidal Basins: From Individual Processes to State Estimates

Grabemann, I.; Weisse, R.
Expected future changes in North Sea wave conditions due to anthropogenic climate change

Howlett, E.; Howarth, J.; Rippeth, T.; Proctor, R.
Liverpool Bay: a coastal seas’ responses to winds, waves, tides and freshwater.

Cancet, M.; Birol, F.; Lyard, F.
Regional comparison of sea level time series from altimetry and tide gauges in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea.

van Haren, H. ; Gostiaux, L.; Laan, M.
Tidal fronts above Great Metor Seamount and evidence of associated sediment resuspension.

Calvete, D.; Falques, A.; de Swart, H.E.; Dodd, N.; Ribas, F.; Garnier, R.
The role of the depth-averaged concentration in coastal morphodynamics

Pleskachevsky, A.; Gayer, G.; Günther, H.; Rosenthal, W.; Stanev, E.
Dynamic of Suspended Particulate Matter on tidal flats. Modelling study for the German Wadden Sea

Valle-Levinson, A. ; Cheng, P.
Hydrodynamics over an estuarine scour pit

Warner, J. C.; Sullivan, C. M.; Voulgaris, G.; Work, P.
Effect of storms on inner-shelf sediment transport in Long Bay, South Carolina

van der Molen, J.; Bolding, K.; Mills, D.K.
A hybrid Method to model suspended Particulate Matter Concentrations in Shelf Seas

Wolff, J.-O.
Hydro- and Sedimentdynamics in the East-Frisian Wadden Sea

Aguiar-González, M. B.; Rodríguez-Santana, A.; Cisneros-Aguirre, J.; Martínez-Marrero, A.
Stratification and mixing processes in presence of estuarine signals and internal near-inertial waves

Santos, A.I.; Balsinha, M.J.; Oliveira, A.
Suspended particulate matter tidal variation in the Minho estuary in low runoff conditions (NW Portugal)

Colbo, K; Hannah, C; Greenberg, D; Hay, A
Effects of stratification of the tide in the Bay of Fundy

Beg Paklar, G.; Bajic, A.; Belusic, D.; Kraljevic, L.; Dadic, V.; Grbec, B.; Orlic, M.; Vilibic, I.
Numerical simulation of the bora-driven currents during different synoptic conditions above the Adriatic

Ross, O.N.; Sharples, J.
Modelling Turbulence and Phytoplankton Motility in a stratified Shelf Sea

Oliveira, A.; Santos, A.; Rodrigues, A.; Vitorino, J.
Fine sedimentary sources to the Nazaré canyon (Portuguese continental shelf)

Bogunovic, B.; Malacic, V.
Circulation in the Gulf of Trieste: measurements and model results

Rascle, N.; Ardhuin, F. ; Chapron, B.
Wave-current interactions in three dimension: from the shelf to the surf zone

Bellec, V.; Dolan, M.; Bøe, R.; Ottesen, D.; Rise, L.
Elongated ridges and depressions on glacial banks and troughs offshore north Norway: Modern or old features?

Hansen, C.; Büchmann, B.
The influence of sea floor drag on tidal amplitude and phase in the eastern North Sea

Villatoro, M.; Amos, C.; Ferrarin, C.; Umgiesser, G. ; Zaggia, L.
Sand transport measurements in Chioggia inlet, Venice Lagoon

Criado-Aldeanueva, F.; Sanchez-Roman, A.; García-Lafuente, J.; Del Rio-Vera, J.; Sanchez, J.C.; Zunino, P.
Seasonal variations of the surface circulation in the Gulf of Cadiz, SW Iberia

van den Berg, N.; Falqués, A.; Ribas, F.; Ojeda, E.; Guillén, J.
Modelling observed shoreline dynamics of an embayed beach in Barcelona

Navrotsky, V.V.; Liapidevsky, V.Yu.; Pavlova, E.P.
Internal wave transformation and effects in a near-bottom thermocline

Martins, I; Silva, A; Santos, A; Bastos, L
Assessing critical runoff values for the generation of a buoyancy induced coastal current off the western Iberian Peninsula

Silva, A; Martins, I; Bastos, L
An intermittent coastal current generated by buoyancy and wind forcing

Chernov, A.G.; Kurkin, A.A.; Kovalev, D.P.; Lukhnov, A.O.; Shevchenko, G.V.
Instrumental water level measurements in the Sea of Okhotsk shelf and analysis of the results

Pietrzak, J; de Boer, G.J.
Using the potential energy anomaly equations as a new diagnostic tool for coastal ocean modelling

Chernov, A.G.; Kurkin, A.A.; Lukhnov, A.O.; Kuznetsov, K.I.
Sakhalin island coastal zone wave dynamics under the ice: in-situ measurements and observed data analysis

Sánchez Leal, R.F.; Relvas, P.; Miller, P.; Martinho, A.
An upwelling filament west of Cape St. 1 An upwelling filament west of Cape St. Vincent in late October 2004

Dzierzbicka, L.D.; Osiñski, R.O.; Jêdrasik, J.J.; Mas³owski, W.M.; Jakacki, J.J.
Interanual and decadal variability of the currents in the Baltic Sea

Delpeche, N.; Clarke, J.H.; Haigh, S.; Ellmann, A.
Observations of internal waves in the Saint John River Estuary New Brunswick, Canada

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