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  List of Accepted Contributions - CR8 Remote sensing of cryosphere (co-listed in HS & OS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Muster, S.; Boike, J.
Monitoring permafrost patterned ground with small-format aerial photography – classification and upscaling of a polygon landscape on Samoilov Island, Lena Delta, Siberia

p. Lopez, p.L; p. Sirguey, p.S; y. Arnaud, y.A; b. Pouyaud, b.P; p. Chevallier, p.C
Snow cover monitoring in the Northern Patagonia Icefield using MODIS satellite images (2000–2006)

Drews, R.; Rack, W.; Wesche, C.; Steinhage, D.
Surface topography and massflux of the Antarctic ice sheet in western Dronning Maud Land, derived by differential SAR interferometry

Willmes, S. ; Haas, C. ; Bareiss, J.
MeDAntS data set - Longterm snowmelt dynamics on Antarctic sea ice

Kaufmann, V.; Kellerer-Pirklbauer, A.; Kenyi, L.-W.
Alpine Glacier Monitoring by Satellite SAR-Interferometry: The Example from Pasterze Glacier, Austria

Dedieu, JP.; Zappa, M.; Tobias, J.; Dullinger, S. ; Randin, C.
Snow cover retrieval under Climate Change conditions (present and future) using the PREVAH hydrological model. Application to Austrian Alps and validation by Remote Sensing.

Slobbe, D.C.; Ditmar, P.G.; Lindenbergh, R.C.
Monitoring ice and snow volume variations in Greenland with ICESat and GRACE data

Langlois, A.; Brucker, L.; Royer, A.; Fily, M.; Picard, G.; Arnaud, L.; Derksen, C.; Goïta, K.; Walker, A.; Cliche, P.
Latitudinal variations of snow properties using airborne passive microwave and in-situ infrared reflectance data over Eastern Canada

Langlois, A.; Barber, D.G.
Development of a Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) Algorithm over First-Year Sea Ice using In-Situ Passive Microwave Radiometry

Bartsch, A.; Wagner, W.; Kidd, R. A.
Seasonal snowmelt patterns for Russia from QuikScat diurnal difference analyses

Putt, D; Haines, K ; Gurney, R; Liu, C
Large scale evaluation of SWE estimates

Linow, S.; Rack, W.; Dierking, W.
Comparing Models for Snow Accumulation retrieved from Microwave Remote Sensing (withdrawn)

Casey, K.A.; Kim, E.J.; Hallikainen, M.T.; Foster, J.L. ; Hall, D.K.; Riggs, G.A.
Validation of the AFWA-NASA blended snow-cover product in northern Finland, 2006-2008

Khalsa, S.J.; Racoviteanu, A.
ASTER-Derived DEMs for Glacier Studies: Comparison of Available Software Packages

Tedesco, M.; Loew, A.; Markus, T.; Reichle, R.
Toward a radiance based assimilation framework for the retrieval of SWE and snow depth from AMSR-E and SSM/I data

van Oevelen, P.; Prowse, T.
High Altitude and Latitude Hydrology: A Proposed New Initiative by GEWEX and CliC

Shalina, E.; Sandven, S.
Improved retrieval of multiyear ice concentration from satellite passive and active microwave observations

Tedesco, M.
Melting in Antarctica from space-borne microwave data: 2008 updated trends

Howell, S.; Kang, K.-K.; Brown, L.; Duguay, C.R.
Assessment of Seawinds/QuikSCAT scatterometer observations for monitoring ice cover on large lakes in northern Canada

Kang, K.-K.; Duguay, C.R.; Howell, S.; Derksen, C.; Kelly, R.
Potential of AMSR-E for estimating lake ice thickness on Great Bear and Great Slave lakes, Canada

Maksym, T; Markus, T
Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness from Passive Microwave Retrievals of Snow Depth

Lieser, J.; Worby, A.; Yi, D.
Remote sensing of Antarctic sea ice thickness applying airborne laser scanner

Picard, G; Brucker, L; Fily, M; Gallee, H; Krinner, G
Interpreting timeseries of microwave brightness temperature in Antarctica using dynamic modeling.

Flueraru, C.
A comparison of MODIS snow maps with high resolution SPOT imagery

Belmonte Rivas, M; Stoffelen, A
A year-round sea ice detection algorithm for QUIKSCAT

Belmonte Rivas, M; Axelrad, P; Maslanik, J
Bistatic scattering of GPS signals off Arctic sea ice

Khvorostovsky, K.S; Johannessen, O.M; Chen, L.; Miles, M.W
Elevation change of the Greenland Ice Sheet from the merged ERS-1, ERS-2 and Envisat satellite radar altimetry

Gudmundsson, S.; Pálsson, F.; Björnsson, H.; Berthier, E.; Gudmundsson, M.T.; Högnadóttir, Th.
Mass balance- and volume changes of two ice caps in Iceland, deduced from SPOT5 derived DEM and field elevation data

O'Leary, MEW; Arnold, N; Rees, G
A high-resolution airborne survey of the albedo of Midre Lovenbreen, Svalbard

Lyapustin, A.; Wang, Y.; Tedesco, M.; Kokhanovsky, A.
Mapping Snow Grain Size over Greenland from MODIS

Fernandes, R; Zhao, H
Circumpolar trends in albedo and snow cover dervied from daily satellite measurements

Magnússon, E.; Björnsson, H.; Rott, H.; Gudmundsson, S.; Pálsson, F.; Nagler, T.
New DEMs of glaciers deduced from InSAR satellite data

Foster, J.; Hall, D.; Eylander, J.; Riggs, G.; Kim, E.; Nghiem, S.; Tedesco, M.; Kelly, R.; Casey, K. ; Choudhury, B.
Global blended snow products from EOS data

Scambos, T.; Haran, T.; Frezzotti, M.; Jezek, K.; Long, D.; Farness, K.
'Wind glaze' extent on the East Antarctic Plateau: implications for the ice mass balance of East Antarctica

Nolin, A. ; Scambos, T. ; Payne, M. ; Bohlander, J.
Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheet Roughness from MISR Correlates With Climate, Accumulation, and Ice Dynamics

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