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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS4 Water storage, level and discharge from remote sensing and geodesy (co-listed in G & GI)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Leon, J.G.; Seyler, F.; Calmant, S. ; Bonnet, M-P; Cauhope, M.
Hydrological parameter estimation for ungauged basin based on satellite altimeter data and discharge modeling. A simulation for the Caqueta River (Amazonian Basin, Colombia)

Jacob, T.; Bayer, R.; Boudin, F.; Brunet, P.; Chery, J.; Jourde, H.; Le Moigne, N.
Geodetic monitoring of a karst aquifer in the Larzac region, South of France

shbeli, E
Water Harvesting Using Morphometric Analysis and GIS

Aricò, C.; Nasello, C.; Noto, M.T.; Tucciarelli, T.
Peak flow estimation by means of synchronous water level measurements

Fiedler, K.; Döll, P.; Hunger, M.
Global modelling of water storage change – sensitivity to different climate data sets

Shen, L.C.; Juang, J.C.; Tseng, C.L.; Tsai, C.L.
New Application of real time Remote sensing surface body water levels & discharge by Integrated GPS Receiver with Reflected GPS observations

Sabel, D.; Bartsch, A.; Pathe, C.; Wagner, W.
Runoff-generating soil moisture patterns in subtropical regions

Werth, S.; Güntner, A.; Merz, B.
Calibration of the global hydrology model WGHM with water storage variations from the GRACE mission

Cheng, K.; Calmant, S.; Seyler, F.; Shum, C.
River stage height measured by GPS and satellite altimetry in the Amazon Basin--A case study for GPS hydrology

Gennero, M-C; Crétaux, J-F ; Daillet-Rochette, S ; Bergé-Nguyen, M; Cazenave, A; Calmant, S; Kouraev, A
Hydroweb: data center for lake and river level variations from altimetry

Zribi, M.; André, C.; Ottlé, C. ; Guichaoua, M.; Habets, F.
A methodology for Floods mapping based on radar images over the SOMME French

Crétaux, J-F; Leblanc, M.; Tweed, S.; Calmant, S.; Ramillien, G.
Combining of Radar and laser altimetry, MODIS Remote Sensing and GPS for the monitoring of flood events: application to the flood plain of the Diamantina river.

Tervo, M.; Virtanen, H.; Bilker-Koivula, M.; Mäkinen, J.; Vehviläinen, B.; Mäkinen, R.; Huttunen, M.
Comparison of watershed models in different spatial extents using GPS-derived vertical movements

Güntner, A.; Hacker, F.; Werth, S.; Hunger, M.; Döll, P.; Menzel, L.
Validation of simulated lake level dynamics of a global hydrological model

Hirschi, M.; Viterbo, P.; Seneviratne, S. I.
Comparison of GRACE-derived terrestrial water storage against basin-scale water-balance diagnostics

Crétaux, J-F.; Calmant, S.; Romanovski, V.; Lyard, F.; Berge-Nguyen, M.; Abarca Del Rio, R.; Mammedov, R.; Cazenave, A.; Hernandez, F.
Absolute Calibration of radar altimeter over lakes

Stuck, J.; Güntner, A.
Interannual variations of the simulated hydro climatology in WGHM

Nerem, R. S.; Chambers, D. P.; Famiglietti, J.; Leuliette, E. W.
Hydrologic Contributions to Global Mean Sea Level Change

Runge, H.; Suchandt, S.; Eiglsperger, T.
Parameters for River Run-Off Measurements Obtained From SAR Interferometry

van der Wal, W.; Rangelova, E.; Sideris, M.; Wu, P.
Comparison of GRACE and hydrology mass variations in North America studied by means of principal component analysis

Liebe, J.; van de Giesen, N.; Andreini, M.; Steenhuis, T.
Monitoring of small reservoirs storage volume with ENVISAT ASAR, and suitability of small reservoirs as runoff gauges.

Andreadis, K.; Lettenmaier, D.P.; Alsdorf, D.E.
Potential for estimation of river discharge through assimilation of wide swath satellite altimetry into a river hydrodynamics model

Benveniste, J.; Berry, P.; Freeman, J.; Smith, R.
Envisat measuring global rivers and lakes level in near real time

Bercher, N.; Kosuth, P.; Mercier, F.; Frontera, V.
Statistical analysis of the accuracy of Satellite radar altimetry over rivers : Comparison of retracking algorithms

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