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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG6.05 Ecosystems of the deep sea-floor and their geological drivers (co-listed in SSP & OS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Meysman, F.J.R; Middelburg, J.J.; Boudreau, B.P.
Biological mixing of the seafloor: bioturbation, biodiversity and biodiffusion

Alves, T.; Lykousis, V.; Sakellariou, D.; Alexandri, S.; Nomikou, P.
First insights on the South Cretan Margin: Structure, depositional processes and future importance to the HERMES project

Perissoratis, C.; Ioakim, C.; Lykousis, V.; Alexandri, M.; Nomikou, E.; Woodside, J.; Daehlmann, A.; Heeschen, K.; Casas, D.; Anaximander shipboard scientific partie
Characteristics of the Thessaloniki Mud Volcano, a recently discovered gas hydrate bearing area in the Anaximander Mountains, Eastern Mediterranean.

Schmidt , S.; Menot , L. ; Galeron, J.; Smith, C. S; Khripounoff, A.
Bioturbation coefficients of deep-sea sediments from polymetallic nodule fields of the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone

Perez-Garcia, C.; Mienert, J.; Bünz, S.; Planke, S.; Berndt, C.
Fluid flow, gas hydrates and geothermal gradients of the Håkon Mosby mud volcano, western Barents Sea

Bolla, E.; Asioli, A.; Langone, L.; Minisini, D. ; Miserocchi, S.; Trincardi, F.; Turchetto, M.
Modern benthic foraminifera distribution in the Gela slope area (Strait of Sicily, Italy) and possible impact of recent slope failure

Reveillaud, J.; Remerie, T.; Van Soest, R.; Vanreusel, A.; Henriet, JP.
Genetic diversity study of broad range sponge taxa for new insights into the connectivity of cold-water coral reefs along the European margins

Ceramicola, S.; Praeg , D. ; Monteys , X. ; Unnithan , V.; Wardell , N.; Cova , A. ; Garziglia , S. ; Explora Scientific Party , OGS
Imaging of a new province of seabed cold seeps in the northern Ionian Sea (Calabrian Arc) – towards ecosystems mapping

Ceramicola, S.; Praeg , D. ; Cova, A.; Monteys, X.; Unnitham, V.; Garziglia, S.; Explora Scientific Party , OGS
Seabed imagery of newly-discovered mud volcanoes in the central Mediterranean Sea (Calabrian Arc): results from HERMES-HYDRAMED IONIO 2005

Ussler, W.; Paull, C.; Normark, W.
Methane gas emanation from an active carbonate mound in Santa Monica Basin, offshore Southern California

Corselli, C.; Favali, P.; Rosso, M.A.; Spezie, G.; Taviani, M.; Savini, A.; Etiope, G.; Tursi, A.; Mastrototaro, F.; Remia, A.; APLABES Consortium
The ‘Santa Maria di Leuca’ Lophelia reefs of the Mediterranan Sea: State-of-the-art and on-going research

Praeg, D.; Unnithan, V.; Camerlenghi, A.; Lazzari, P.; Salon, S.; Tinivella, U.; Zanolla, C.
Gas hydrate stability in the Mediterranean Sea since the last glacial maximum: results from the HYDRAMED project

Lichtschlag, A.; Roey , H.; Niemann , H.; Boetius , A.; Klages , M.; deBeer , D.
Microbial turnover of sulfide in combination with iron precipitation at the Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano

Niemann, H; Sauter, E; Krüger, M; Heinrich, F; Lösekann, T; Elvert, M; Boetius, A
Aerobic and anaerobic oxidation of methane in sediments of Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano, Barents Sea

Huvenne, V.A.I; Dorschel, B.; Foubert, A.; Van Rooij, D.; Exp. 307 Scientific Party, IODP
First insights in the sedimentary environment at the base of a large cold-water coral bank (Challenger Mound, NE Atlantic), based on IODP Exp. 307 (May 2005)

Dorschel, B.; Wheeler, A.J.; de Haas, H.; Huvenne, V.A.I
Current induced seabed features along the eastern Rockall Trough, NE Atlantic – an interpretation of TOBI sidescan sonar imagery

Mienis, F; de Stigter, H; de Haas, H; van der Land, C; van Weering, T
Environmental controls on carbonate mound development along the European continental margin

O'Donnell, R.; Dorschel, B.; Wheeler, A.J.
IODP Expedition 307: A high resolution record of contourite deposition and palaeoclimatic forcing on the eastern Porcupine Seabight (Irish continental margin)

Wheeler, A.J.; Dorschel, B.
IODP Expedition 307: analysis of a complete sequence through a cold-water coral carbonate mound

Okay, S.; Cifci, G.; Lericolais, G.; Bohrmann, G.; Ivanov, M.
A tributary canyon system, shallow gas accumulations and an unnamed mud volcano at Bosphorus outlet in Black Sea

Dondurur, D.; Ergun, M.; Cifci, G.
Shallow gas accumulations and related structures in the sediments of the eastern Black Sea

Praeg, D.; Ceramicola, S.; Wardell, N.; Unnithan, V.
High-resolution 3D-seismic imaging of twin mud volcanoes on the Calabrian Arc: results from the HERMES-HYDRAMED IONIO 2005 campaign

Rüggeberg, A.; Liebetrau, V.; Dullo, C.; Eisenhauer, A.
Reconstruction of Carbonate Mound Development in the Porcupine Seabight on Isotope Geochemistry of Cold-water Coral Lophelia pertusa

Thomsen, L.; Mendes, P.; Novoa, R.; de Stigter, H.; van Weering, T.
Organic rich particle transport in submarine canyons

Liebetrau, V.; Eisenhauer, A.; Fietzke, J.; Hametner, K.; Günther, D.; Linke, P.
Cold seep carbonates: Geochemical archives of marine methane emanation and gas-hydrate destabilization

Minisini , D.; Asioli, A.; Foglini, F.; Trincardi , F.
Widespread seafloor instability on Gela basin slopes (Sicily Channel)

Lykousis, V; Sakellariou, D; Alexandri, M; Nomikou, E; Alves, T; Stavrakakis, S; Karageorgis, A; Kontogiannis, H; Georgiou, P; Rousakis, G
The southern Cretan margin (E. Mediterranean) in the Hermes project

Weaver, P.; Benetti, S
The North Atlantic deep-sea floor – glacial versus interglacial controls and comparisons between the eastern and western North Atlantic.

Amaro, T; Bett, B; Gooday, A; Pattenden, A; de Stigter, H; Billett, D
Deep-sea canyon faunas off the Portuguese margin

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