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Atmospheric Sciences
Surface interactions and boundary layer processes
Atmospheric chemistry and aerosols
Middle Atmosphere
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Atmospheric Sciences
Climate: Past, Present, Future
Cryospheric Sciences
Energy, Resources and the Environment
Geophysical Instrumentation
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  Atmospheric Sciences - Tuesday Programme

AS1.02   Developments in dynamical meteorology
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 10 (E2) / 15:30-19:00
AS1.08   Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 9 (E1) / 08:30-17:00
AS3.01   Past and Future Changes in Mid-Latitude Ozone (co-listed in CL)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 4 / 08:30-12:00
AS3.03   Trace gases in the atmosphere: observations and modelling
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 10 (E2) / 08:30-15:00
  Poster Presentation / Hall X / 15:30-17:00
AS3.05   Polar Ozone
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 4 / 13:30-15:00
AS3.11   Advances in atmospheric spectroscopy
  Poster Presentation / Hall X / 10:30-12:00
AS3.15   Tropospheric Composition: variability and trends
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 4 / 15:30-19:00
CR7   Snow dynamics and snow-atmosphere exchange over Greenland and Antarctica (co-listed in AS & CL)
  Poster Presentation / Hall Y / 15:30-17:00
NH1.03   Mesocale Model Prediction and Simulation of Hazardous Weather.
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 18 / 13:30-19:00
NH1.05   Diagnosis, modelling and forecasting of meteorological and hydrological hazards produced by extreme weather and climate change.
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 18 / 08:30-12:30
NH2.01   Hydrological Ensemble Prediction Experiment (HEPEX)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 16 (L) / 08:30-12:00
  Poster Presentation / Hall Y / 15:30-17:00
NP3.02   Scaling, multifractals and turbulent structures in oceans, atmosphere and the climate (co-listed in AS, BG, CL & OS)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 0 / 13:30-15:45


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