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Ductile Deformation and Metamorphism
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  Tectonics and Structural Geology - Tuesday Programme

Please find the the floor plans for the room locations here.

TS1.1   The strengths and challenges of analogue and numerical models (co-listed in GD)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 5 (I) / 14:15-17:00
TS1.2   Quantitative Structural Geology: Comparison of model results with natural examples
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 5 (I) / 08:30-14:15
TS3.2   Seismogenic coupling zones - state and processes
  Poster Presentation / Halls X/Y / 08:30-10:00 / 10:30-12:00
TS3.3/NH4.4   Earthquake Geology (co-organized by NH)
  Poster Presentation / Halls X/Y / 08:30-10:00 / 10:30-12:00
TS6.1   Continental and oceanic wrench systems from top to bottom
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 3 / 08:30-10:00
TS7.1   Orogen-basin coupling in intracontinental orogenic setting
  Poster Presentation / Halls X/Y / 13:30-15:00 / 15:30-17:00
TS7.2   Arc-continent collision orogens (including Stephan Mueller Medal Lecture)
  Poster Presentation / Halls X/Y / 13:30-15:00 / 15:30-17:00
TS7.3   Material transfer at convergent margins
  Poster Presentation / Halls X/Y / 13:30-15:00 / 15:30-17:00
TS7.5   The tectonics and dynamics of subduction: from shallow to deep processes
  Poster Presentation / Poster Area / 15:30-17:00 / 13:30-15:00
TS8.4/GD06.1/GMPV16   Structure and Dynamics of Mid-Ocean Ridges (co-organized by GD & GMPV)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 3 / 10:30-14:15
TS8.5/GD06.2/GMPV17   Tracing hydrothermal circulation at Mid-ocean ridges using geochemistry, geophysics and modelling
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 3 / 14:15-17:00
GD11   Kinematics and Geodynamics of the Central and Western Mediterranean (co-listed in TS, G & NH)
  Oral Presentation / Lecture Room 23 / 10:30-12:00
SSP7   Cenozoic basin evolution and uplift of the Paratethys basin system (co-listed in TS)
  Poster Presentation / Hall A / 08:30-10:00
NP3.07   Scale, Scaling, and nonlinearity in Solid Earth (co-listed in GMPV, NH, SSS & TS)
  Poster Presentation / Halls X/Y / 15:30-17:00


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