Photo Gallery

An important part of the 8th EMS / 7th ECAC conference in Amsterdam are also social events. In the evening of the first day of the conference Kipp & Zonen offered the Ice Breaker. In the relaxed and informal atmosphere about 400 participants had the occasion to network, strengthen the already existing cooperation and make plans for the future.

In this occasion for the first time EMS Silver Medals were handed over. Prof. Karin Labitzke from the FU Berlin received the medal from the past EMS president David Burridge. The second one was handed over by the new president of the EMS Fritz Neuwirth to René Morin who was the founder of the EMS and its first president.

During the Ice Breaker Kipp & Zonen presented the Award for Boundary Layer Meteorology, it was Ben Dieterink, Kipp & Zonen president to hand over the award to Ulrik Korsholm.

Below are some photographs from the Award ceremony and some capturing the informal atmosphere during the Ice Breaker.




Photographer: Niels Zweers