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Searching answers for the twenty-three Unsolved Problems in Hydrology

In 2018, hydrologists from all over the world outlined twenty-three questions that remain unresolved by the scientific community, named Unsolved Problems in Hydrology (UPH). The discussion around them highlighted the need for science driven by technological innovations that is outcome- and/or product-specific. The EGU GA represents a meaningful opportunity for researchers to meet up and share their ideas, although sometimes the scale of the event makes it difficult to actually talk about future projects and develop research proposals. In this Call for Calls session, participants will engage in a sprint-like, competitive event where they will come up with innovative ideas to contribute to the solution of at least one of the UPH.

The session will provide the right atmosphere where researchers can discuss and think about a specific problem, and brainstorm initial ideas to gather information to write an abstract. Attendees are expected to make as much progress as possible. After the session, the participants will be able to continue working if needed. The expected outcome is a project with introduction and plan of action, including outputs such as a paper or collaboration, which will be presented as a short abstract and delivered before 5 pm CEST on the final day of EGU.

Given that the UPH encompasses issues across the hydrological system and human interactions, this session is open to all researchers in water resources and water security. Early-career scientists are particularly encouraged to participate to apply and enhance their current expertise and expand their research network.

Public information:
Make sure to have a QR code scanner available. To make the most of this session, we recommend you to join on a tablet or computer.

Co-organized by HS11
Convener: Bethel Ugochukwu UkazuECSECS | Co-conveners: Iskra Mejia-EstradaECSECS, Pedro Torralbo MuñozECSECS

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