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Meet the Experts: Geomagnetic Field Models

Do you want to know something more about the Earth's magnetic field? Reconstructions based on paleomagnetic, ground observatories and satellite data are a very suitable way to provide vital information to understand the most intriguing features of the geomagnetic field such as the South Atlantic Anomaly and geomagnetic transitions. But what about their limitations? Which are the most updated models and their main characteristics? If you are interested in knowing the geomagnetic field evolution in different timescales, come on to this course and ask your expert! We are waiting for you!

Convener: Saioa A. CampuzanoECSECS | Co-convener: Anita Di ChiaraECSECS

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  • Yanyan Yang, China
  • Monika Korte, Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ, Germany
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