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Data Visualization in Earth Science

With increasing data complexity and growing data volumes, effective and efficient data visualization for data analysis is becoming more important. Different data sets and analysis tasks require different visualization strategies. Geoscience data, being typically multivariate, multidimensional, time-varying, large and sometimes also with uncertainty, demands special attention and care.

This short course aims at providing an overview of commonly available visualization tools that are especially well suited to analyze earth science data sets. We demonstrate the functionality of two selected tools, the general-purpose tool ParaView (www.paraview.org) and the meteorology-specific Met.3D visualization framework (met3d.wavestoweather.de). We show how to easily create meaningful visualizations (including interactive and 3D displays) of gridded atmospheric, oceanic and earth system model data with these tools with only a few steps.

In Hamburg's geoscience community (including the German Climate Computing Centre DKRZ and Universität Hamburg), we have many years of experience in the visualization of earth science data sets. The goal of this workshop is to pass some of our knowledge on to you. More information will be available before the workshop at https://www.dkrz.de/egu2021.

Co-organized by SSP5
Convener: Marc Rautenhaus | Co-conveners: Michael Böttinger, Niklas Röber

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