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Using Copernicus data for Atmospheric Composition Applications

This short course is an opportunity to learn about Copernicus data for Atmospheric Composition and to get examples on how to develop your own workflows based on sample applications. The European Union Copernicus programme is open and free for everyone - whether from academic, government, or commercial backgrounds. The programme has an operational focus, with satellite constellations and services. Satellite data provides composition vital information on key atmospheric constituents at different spatial and temporal scales with continuous improvements in observational spatial and temporal resolution, coverage and measured species as well as a constantly evolving added value products from the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Services.

The sessions will be hands-on and supported by Earth Observation and Model experts to discover data, handle them and produce plots out of a sample of the Copernicus data. You will make use of a series of freely available tools specifically developed for these applications including Jupyter Notebook modules, to have an easy and intuitive way to make use of Python programming. No experience is necessary as various exercises will be provided for a wide range of skill levels and applications. It is recommended to bring your laptop along.

Public information:
This short course will provide an introduction to atmospheric composition data from Copernicus, with a focus on the Saharan dust event impacting Europe in the second half of February 2021.

The short course consists of three parts:
* Short course during EGU: 28 April
* Self-paced training session: 28 April to 5 May 2021
* Feedback session: 5 May 2021

You will get introduced to a JupyterLab-based training platform, which will be accessible during the self-pace training session.

The feedback session is an additional opportunity to meet the experts and trainers and ask questions related to the practical content and data.

Register under the following link for the feedback session on 5 May 2021:

Convener: Julia WagemannECSECS | Co-conveners: Federico Fierli, Mark Parrington, Christian Retscher

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  • Federico Fierli, Eumetsat, Germany
  • Mark Parrington, ECMWF, United Kingdom
  • Christian Retscher, ESA, Italy
  • Julia Wagemann
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