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How to influence policy through engaging with Parliaments

Never has it been more important that geoscience research feeds into political decisions and policymaking. What is more, today many policymakers and institutions are increasingly receptive to scientific evidence. Yet, whilst researchers are increasingly keen to influence policy and policymaking, for many the mechanisms for engagement and impact seem unclear and inaccessible.

This course will demystify policymaking and give researchers the tools to be able to engage with policy through their research. Researchers will learn about how parliaments use evidence in their policy-shaping processes and the mechanisms that feed science advice into Parliament. This session will be hosted by individuals who work at the interface of science and policy, drawing from real-life examples and providing plenty of opportunities for attendees to ask questions.

Public information:
Moderator: Chloe Hill, EGU Policy Officer

- Sarah Foxen: Knowledge Exchange Lead at POST, UK Parliament
- Theodoros Karapiperis, Head of Scientific Foresight (STOA) Unit at European Parliament

Convener: Sarah Foxen | Co-convener: Chloe Hill

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  • Theodoros Karapiperis
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