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How to write (and publish) a scientific paper in Hydrology

Writing a scientific paper is an essential part of research, and is a skill that needs practice.

This session is organized in cooperation with the Young Hydrologic Society (http://younghs.com/).

Public information:
This years’ session will be formatted as a panel discussion with three speakers (Dr. Wouter Berghuijs, Dr. Manuela Brunner, Dr. Tim van Emmerik). Each speak will give a brief presentation (12-15 minutes) where they will share their experience in scientific writing. This will be followed by an open discussion that goes for 15-20 minutes. The duration of the short course is 1 hours long.

Co-organized by HS11
Convener: Harsh BeriaECSECS | Co-conveners: Sina KhatamiECSECS, Andrea L. PoppECSECS

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  • Wouter Berghuijs, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Manuela Irene Brunner, University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Tim van Emmerik, Wageningen University, Netherlands
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