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Booth Plan Gallery

Booth Plan Hall X


The different exhibition options are given in the table below. All booth sizes and packages include a given number of free registrations to be specified upon ordering. The different prices are net and vary according to the exhibitor:

  • Small Enterprises (SE) with less than or equal 10 employees;
  • Large Enterprises (LE) with more than 10 employees;
  • Non-Profit organizations or educational institutions (Non-Profit).


 Booth / Package Location Booth Size Presentations Adverts Free Registr. SE LE Non-Profit
 S Entrance/Gallery  2 x 3 sqm --- ---  2  €2,400  €3,000  €2,400
 M2 Entrance  2 x 6 sqm  ---  ---  2  €4,800  €6,000  €4,800
 M3 Entrance  3 x 4 sqm  ---  ---  2  €4,800  €6,000  €4,800
 L Entrance  3 x 8 sqm  ---  ---  2  €9,600  €12,000  €9,600
 Display Gallery  see below  ---  ---  2 ---  ---  €950
 Market9 Hall X  9 sqm  4 / week  1 Half Page  3  €6,000  €6,000  €6,000
 Market18 Hall X  18 sqm  6 / week  1 Full Page  5  €11,000  €11,000  €11,000
 MarketDisplay Hall X  see below  4 / week  1 Half Page  2  --- ---  €2,000


  • A Display consists of 2 poster boards, 1 table, 2 chairs.
  • The Presentations are given in an open lecture area inside the Job & Education Market to reach maximum visibility and the length is limited to 45 min. each. All presentations are scheduled in the official programme.
  • Free Registrations: The name badges as well as the conference material must be picked up on arrival in the registration area (Hall Z). If you would like to register more than the number of staff members included in your package, please contact Copernicus Meetings. The price is then €250 per person.


Booths Layout

Each booth consists of aluminum sections with white melanin coated panels. The front panel is composed of an aluminum frame containing a white melanin coated panel with the exhibitor's name. Furthermore, the booth provides grey carpeting, single phase earthed 2000 W - 220 V electricity including with one plug 220 V, and one spotlight with 100 W per 3 sqm (Booth scheme).


Supplier Contacts


Exhibition Organizer

Copernicus Meetings
Phone +49 551 90 03 39 20
Fax +49 551 90 03 39 70 egu2010@copernicus.org


Booths & Furniture

Expoxx Messebau GmbH
Tanja Zörner

Internet & Electric

Austria Center Vienna

IT Equipment

Johann Weck


Stefan Wögerer

Forwarding Agency

IML Messe Logistik GmbH


When using the forwarding agency IML, your material must be labeled: IML Messe Logistik GmbH, Exhibition EGU / Your Company Name and Booth Number, Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1, A-1220 Vienna, Austria.


Conditions and Cancellation Policy

  • Payments will only be refunded if the notice of cancellation is received, in writing, by Copernicus Meetings before 31 March 2010. The cancellation fee is €250. No refund will be made after this date.
  • The organizers do not accept liability for any losses or damages, and the exhibitor is responsible for the transportation to and from the congress centre as well as for the supervision of his/her stand.
  • The organizer of the exhibition is the Copernicus Gesellschaft mbH.