How to access the Programme?

The scientific programme of the General Assembly 2008 includes "Union Symposia", "Interdivision Sessions" and "Educational Symposia", oral and poster sessions on disciplinary and interdisciplinary topics covering the full spectrum of the geosciences and the space and planetary sciences, "Key Note and Medal Lectures", "Great Debates in the Geosciences" and "Townhall and Splinter Meetings".

There are four different approaches to access the programme:

  • Session Programme: Online view of the sessions and their oral and poster sub-sessions, sorted by programme groups and session numbers
  • Meeting Programme: Online view of the oral and poster sub-sessions, their time and location, sorted by conference days and programme groups
  • Personal Programme: Online tool to generate your own personal programme by selecting specific presentations or sessions. To be printed, saved in COSIS (for later recall or modification), or generated as PDF.
  • Schedules & Programmes (PDF): PDFs of the schedules (sessionsí title, time and location) as well as meeting programmes (break down of the sessions with regard to the presentations) of the individual programme groups.

Printed Programme Book

All participants will receive a short printed programme book with general information and floor plans on-site at the conference. This book includes only the Programme Group Schedules†with the sessions' title, time and location. The break down of the sessions with regard to the individual presentations will not be provided in printed form.